Group Fitness Schedule

Download the PDF Calendar (updated March 2, 2017)

Ballet Bar - Ballet and Pilates style hybrid class. All fitness levels.
BODYATTACK - 60 min sports-inspired cardio
BODYJAM - 60 min modern choreography dance workout
BODYPUMP - 60 min full-body workout with barbells/weights
Dance Party - Cardio dance workout. All levels.
Fit&Flexible - Stretching class. All ages & levels.
GRIT - 30 min HIIT Training
Kbox- Cardio, designed using boxing techniques. Most fitness levels. 
Old Skool - High/low impact “Old Skool" aerobics class. Soooo fun. All fitness levels.
Spin - Cardio (using a bike), call to reserve a bike. Most fitness levels.
Spin HIIT - High intensity interval training, burn serious calories. Reserve bike. Most fitness levels.
SPRINT - 30 min HIIT training on a bike
Step - Step class. 30 min. Most fitness levels.
WOW - Women On Weights, all fitness levels, primarily for seniors but all are welcome.
WOW+- An extended version of the WOW class. Most fitness levels.
Yoga - flexibility and strength. Most fitness levels.
ZenSpin - 45min of spin and 15min of yoga. Reserve bike. Most fitness levels.
Zumba - Fun cardio dance workout. Most levels.
Zumba Gold - Fun cardio dance workout. Perfect for newbies and seniors, but all are welcome.